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Ongoing Research:

Greener Cassava Processing System Leading to Zero Waste for Enhanced Market Access by Small and Medium Entrepreneurs


To improve income and welfare of small and medium entrepreneurs in the cassava subsector in Tanzania through innovative processing technology

Capacity Building for Commercial Production of Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms in Tanzania Background

This is a collaborative project between TIRDO, Hubert Kairuki Memorial University (HKMU) and Guangdong Institute of Microbiology (GDIM) China.

The main objective

to enhance the anti-poverty and nutritional impact of agriculture through promotion and production of edible and medicinal mushroom in Tanzania


Utilization of Tanzanian oilseed meals to develop high protein foods and wellness ingredients

This is a collaborative project between TIRDO and CSIR-CFTRI-India TIRDO, Tanzania-CSIR, India S&T Collaboration Programme


To develop appropriate technologies for utilization of select oilseeds of Tanzanian origin such as, Sunflower, Bambara groundnut etc by harnessing proteins and other valuable nutraceuticals for food, feed and health applications.

Capacity building in Medicinal and Aromatic plant utilization for Tanzania through training and assistance on documentation, gene banking, conservation, processing and quality control


I. Systematic survey of Medicinal and Aromatic plants and infrastructure for the documentation and conservation.

II. Gap analysis, Identification of institute, personnel for training.

III. Training and assistance on

a. Documentation of Medicinal and Aromatic plant resources

b. Gene banking and conservation.

c. Processing and quality control.

d. Chemical and molecular diversity

Characterization of Spent Bleaching Earth and improvement of biogas through supplementation of manure


To utilize spent bleaching earth (SBE) to improve biogas production efficiency through co-digesting with manure and provide a practical way of disposing the SBE

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