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Coal Resource Quality Assessment

Through the technical assistance from the Tanzania Commission for Science Technology (COSTECH), TIRDO Energy Division has acquired state of the art equipment for analyzing coal (and other energy materials) quality. After commissioning the equipments in 2015, the Division’s coal laboratory is capable to analyze the materials with respect to proximate, ultimate and heating value parameters. It is further capable to analyze the inorganic content (trace metals) from the materials. To-date, the laboratory has analyzed over 60 coal samples from the mining companies.

In recognition of this capacity and, especially after the coal laboratory managed to resolve coal quality disputes between mining companies and coal users (e.g. the Dangote Cement Factory Vs. TANCOAL mine case), the Minister for Energy and Minerals, Prof. Sospeter Muhongo declared the TIRDO coal laboratory as the national backstop reference laboratory for coal quality assessment for Tanzania.


Quality assurance of gas pipe joints at Mnazi Bay Mtwara.

TIRDO was awarded the contract to carry out non destructive testing on pipelines and gas facilities.  The work included the furnishing of labour, supervision, materials, equipment, small tools and any other services necessary to perform non destructive examination (NDE) on the offshore and on shore pipelines as per plans and standards.

The Marine pipeline was approximately 5.2km long and the onshore portion of the pipeline was about 26 km long pipeline from Msimbati Peninsula to the South Shore of Mnazi Bay near Kelinde river and extend the pipeline to Mtwara Municipal where TANESCO generates power.

The project was carried out successful according to the ISO standards.


Establishment of GS1-TANZANIA Company for BarCode and traceability system in Tanzania

TIRDO has been implementing traceability systems in the main agro chain since 2004. First it was a pilot scheme in the main exports i.e. coffee, cashwenut, tea, freshwater fish and seafood; co-funded by DANIDA and The Government of Tanzania. The pilot scheme was very successful in traceability system were implemented in coffee, tea, cashwenut, freshwater and seafood. The project is now extended to other sub-sectors such as horticulture, meat and honey, and is being upgraded to computerised system.


  • Role players in main agro-exports including coffee, tea, cashew nut, freshwater fish and seafood, have been sensitized and trained on traceability systems
  • Manual traceability system has been developed and implemented in coffee, tea, cashew nut and freshwater and seafood sub-sectors
  • The project led to the establishment of GS1-TZ NATIONAL LTD which was officially launched in July 4, 2011.
  • Tanzanian products now uses the bar code system for Tanzania.


Dustless Chalk Making Project

TIRDO through the technology for dustless chalk making managed to train more than 1150 entrepreneurs all over thr country. The technology was transferred to SIDO for the wider coverage of the community.

The major achievement from the project is the establishment of a chalk factory at SIMIYU Region in Maswa Districts using the technology from TIRDO.


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