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Albetus Technologies is an ICT full-service, solution and products provider. It's executive collectively have over a decade experience in the tech industry and they are very entrust with the technology space in Africa. Our head office is located in Dar es salaam, Tanzania.
We strive to deliver more efficient, effective and relevant quality services and solutions tailored to the increasingly complex demands of organisations, in order to boost productivity of operations and to maximise value for our customers

Company Values

Albetus Technologies believes in sustainable growth through innovation, creativity and competence. We also believe in treatinag our customers with respect. We value honesty, integrity and ethical business practices.

  • Integrity
  • We pride ourselves on honest, transparency and committed to doing what's best for its customers.

  • Responsiveness
  • We beloeve, timely decisions lead to timely actions that lead to moving the business forward.

  • Passion
  • Loving and taking pride in what we do instills the motivation to work harder to succeed.

  • Agile
  • Our team is adaptable and collaborative, prioritizing people over processes and using “working software” to get products market-ready as quickly as possible.


To support business operations through reliable and Innovative technology solutions.


To be distinguished as a reliable and Innovative Pan-African technology service provider.


improving people's ability to get their jobs done and quality of life through meaningful innovation

Managed Services:

  • 1. Infrastructure planning & design
  • Infrastructure planning, design,setup, implementation andmaintenance. Tailor-made servicelevel agreements
  • 2. Preventative maintenance
  • Proactive detection and preventionof potential issues and 24 /7Helpdesk services and remote support
  • 3. Manage backup
  • Manage on-premise and cloudbased backup and exchange servers:
    • Host e-mail
    • E-mail branding and signature management
    • E-mail archiving
  • 4. Software as a servie
  • We Offer all Subscription based software e.g: Microsoft Products( Ms Office & Windows Licencies. Anti-Virus software, Accounting Softwares, Autocad, Archicad etc) Albetus Technologies ' s experienced professionals can deliver an effective Network infrastructure based on your environment and business needs. Network Design and Installation

    Our Services:

    • LAN Infrastructure
    • Albetus Technologies ' s experienced professionals can deliver an effective Network infrastructure based on your environment and business needs. Network Design and Installation
    • Software Development
    • With Albetus IT’s skilled development team we also specialise in developing invaluable software solutions Deve tailored to your needs.
    • Cloud Infrastructure Solution
    • Businesses can save money and reduce administrative overhead by utilizing Cloud Storage to replace existing file servers. Existing storage and NAS devices combined with Cloud Storage software provide a local storage capacity that is easier to deploy and maintain. Typically expenses for file server software, maintenance, and human resources are approximately five times the original hardware expense
    • IT Products
    • Software solutions and services, Network and data security products, Business Products, At Albetus we will always source, top of the range products for your business, at the best and most affordable price. Office productivity applications, Computer and network operating systems, Servers, racks, power supplies, and network storage, Business management software, Desktop computers, laptops, and accessories Printers, scanners, and projectors, Routers, switches, and wireless access points Hardware and software warranties and subscriptions,
    • Security systems
    • We install, maintain and service security systems such as CCTV cameras, Access control systems, intruder Alarms, fire Alarms, Car Tracking systems, and Electric Fences.

    Contact Us:
    Our team can be attributed as much to our dedication to customer satisfaction as our technical skills.
    Email: support@albetus.co.tz
    Phone: +255 654 473 474