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Energy Auditing

Energy Auditing

Energy Management(EM) is the proactive and systematic monitoring, control, and optimization of an organization’s energy consumption to conserve energy and decrease energy costs. An energy audit, as the first key element in EM, is a systematic inspection and analysis of the energy use and consumption of a site, building, system, or organization with the objective of identifying energy flows and the potential for energy efficiency improvements and reporting them

TIRDO provides Energy Auditing services to industries, commercial buildings, and households. This service plays a big role in energy management, which is key for industries and businesses to remain competitive. In supporting industrial development, we understand how important energy is as a prerequisite input that needs to be well managed to sustain business excellence. The professional energy auditing service provided at TIRDO seeks to administer and bridge the existing gap in energy management. With the current global energy crisis and initiatives to address climate change, energy auditing helps to determine carbon footprints and set reduction goals while offering various options for switching between different clean energy sources. Having a strong environmental, social, and governance (ESG) foundation helps companies save energy, increase transparency, and work towards better sustainability goals.

The state-of-the-art Energy Efficiency Laboratory and Certified Energy Auditors and Managers (CEA and CEM) place TIRDO service on an international scale beyond Tanzania, i.e., EAC, etc. To comply with international market demands, both ASHRAE and ISO standards requirements and procedures are being followed when carrying out energy audits in relation to energy performance. Among other services provided by the lab are performance testing of energy systems like ovens, cook stoves, boilers, tobacco barns, and solar dryers, among others.