TIRDO for sustainable industrial development

Consultancy and Technical services

TIRDO is currently offering technical support to a local investor on establishment of a process or factory.


1.Quality assurance by using Non Destructive Testing (NDT)
TIRDO has a range of equipment to conduct quality assessment of engineering products. The NDT technology can be used to provide quality assurance in areas like welded oil tanks, pressure and marine vessels, gas pipelines, oil pipelines, concretes testing and inspection, refinery piping systems, chemical processing plants, cast industrial products, manufactures components and power plants. The testing performed includes radiographic, Ultrasonic, Magnetic particle, Liquid penetrant, visual inspection.

2. Energy efficiency systems
TIRDO provides energy efficiency services to industries, commercial centres and households. The services includes energy efficiency audit to identify cost effective energy consumption reduction options, performance testing of energy systems like ovens, cook stoves, tobacco barns, solar dryers, among others.

3.Coal technologies
The coal laboratory offers Coal materials analysis (proximate, ultimate, coking characteristics), but also to create creating coal quality databank for Tanzania. Other activities for the laboratory includes; development of coal utilization technologies and assessing gassing characteristics of coal deposits for �€œcoal bed methane �€“ CBM�€� technologies application in energy generation.

4. Food Microbiological analysis
The analysis offered by the laboratory includes chemical, physical and microbiological quality testing of both animal and plant origin that includes fish and fish products, cereals, legumes, meat and meat products, edible fats and oil, dairy and dairy products, honey, fruits and vegetables among others. The Food laboratory at TIRDO is the accredited laboratory with the following parameters; detection and enumeration of total aerobic count, detection and enumeration of staphylococcus aureus, detection and enumeration of total coli forms, detection and enumeration of Escherichia coli and detection of salmonella. Other non-accredited analysis are; detection of vibrio cholera, detection and enumeration of enterobactericeae and detection and enumeration of fecal coli form.

5.Environmental services
The environmental laboratory has the capacity to conduct research and provide technical advisory services in areas of value addition to wastewater streams, non-conventional wastewater treatment systems, on site wastewater treatment systems as well as solid waste. Also the laboratory offers environmental monitoring services such as; Air quality (Particulate metal and gas emissions), noise level, light intensity, air vibration, wastewater and portable water quality monitoring. Other services are Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Audit.

6.Chemical analytical services
The Chemistry laboratory provides a range of analytical services including physicochemical quality testing of raw materials, industrial products and industrial wastes. These involve macro and micro nutrient analysis in food and food proximate analysis such as determination of ash content, moisture content, energy content/ calorific value, fat content, carbohydrate content and protein content. The division also has a vast experience in salt, fertilizer and chalk quality analysis. Furthermore, the laboratory has the capacity for heavy metals analysis in industrial raw materials, industrial products, industrial wastes and other environmental samples.