Tanzania Industrial Research and Development Organization



Waziri wa Viwanda na Biashara, Mhe Innocent Bashungwa amezinduwa rasmi Vitakasa Mikono(Hand sanitizer) viliyotengenezwa na Shirika la Utafiti na Maendeleo ya Viwanda Tanzania (TIRDO)
WAZIRI wa Viwanda na Biashara Mhe. Innocent Bashungwa akipata maelezo juu ya mtambo wa kutengeneza Bioethanol kutoka katika mabaki ya muhogo, ambayo inatumika kutengenezea vitakasa mikono (Sanitizers).
..To ensure safety of food and health of consumers
...To conduct Industrial technical Evaluation for value addition in production.
...To measure the quality of coal and it's contents.
...To insure safety environment from industry waste like CO, SOx, NOx.

Message from DG

Dear Visitors,
On behalf of the entire team, It is my pleasure and honor to welcome you all to Tanzania Industrial Research and Development Organization.
Welcome to TIRDO

Tanzania Industrial Research and Development Organization (TIRDO) is a multi-disciplinary research and development organization established by an Act of Parliament No. 5 of 1979 and it became operational on 1st April, 1979.


Its mandate is to assist the industrial sector of Tanzania by providing technical expertise and support services to upgrade their technology base. As well, carrying out applied research, for the development of suitable technologies, and value addition to indigenous resources through industrial processing.